We reopen Salisbury Snooker Club on Wednesday 2 December at midday.

To comply with COVID rules you still need to phone 01722 323923 to book your snooker or pool table. (If you want to play at or around midday Wednesday we will be manning the phones from 11am that day).

The only difference from pre second lockdown is NO ALCOHOL! We don’t agree with that rule either but perhaps your cueing will be straighter and you won’t need a taxi home.

We will continue to use just 8 well separated tables and with staggered start/finish times it’s easy to avoid close contact with anybody and everybody. And masks please except when you are at your table. There are a few more cases of COVID around than before so please stick to the rules and hope for well deserved promotion to Tier 1 before too long.

Joe, Erica, Leah, Shane and Charlotte look forward to seeing you again!